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Macedonia - Albania Delegation 2023

I propose your participation in the delegation of the Romanian Export Council to Macedonia and Albania, in cooperation with DCE-ARICE and the Romanian Embassy in Albania, as follows:

  1. Period: the fourth decade of March or the first decade of April. According to the communication of the Romanian Embassy in Albania, between April 14th and May 14th, there is an electoral campaign, so the possibility of meeting decision-makers in Albania during this period is relatively low, for objective reasons.

  2. The areas of interest for both parties, established together with the Romanian Embassy, personally with Minister Counselor Cristian Cutas, are as follows:

a. Meetings with economic agents in the field of international transportation.

b. Import from Albania of fish and seafood products.

c. Import from Romania of refrigeration equipment for the food and medical industries, including industrial and tertiary refrigeration/air conditioning.

d. Export from Romania of oil and gas equipment, including know-how.

e. Air traffic control in the airport area.

f. Export from Romania of pharmaceutical products, including supplements.

g. Romanian fashion show for export.

h. Twinning of a Romanian university with a university in Durres.

i. Cooperation in the medical field.

Through the care and effort of His Excellency Ambassador Octavian Serban and Minister Counselor Cristian Cutas – the Romanian Embassy, we will have the following meetings:

a. Romanian Embassy in Macedonia.

b. Romanian Embassy in Albania.

c. CCI Skopje – Macedonia.

d. CCI Tirana – Albania.

e. CCI Durres – Albania.

f. CCI Saranda – Albania.

g. Municipality – Albania.

h. Municipality Durres.

i. Municipality Saranda.

j. Albanian Parliament

k. Honorary Consul of Romania in Albania.

The transportation will be as previously communicated:

  • Flight from Bucharest to Skopje;

  • Minibus from Skopje to Ohrid;

  • Minibus from Ohrid to Tirana.

  • Flight from Tirana to Bucharest.

Totalapproximately 2/3 nights in Skopje, 2 nights in Ohrid, 2/3 nights in Tirana.

I will lead this delegation.

Please confirm your preliminary agreement.

Thank you,

Mihai Andritoiu


Executive President of AFPICE

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