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12.10.2022 - 26.10.2022

Vietnam - Cambodia Delegation 2022

Activity Report, delegation in Vietnam and Cambodia, 12.10.2022 – 26.10.2022.

During the mentioned period, AFPICE organized, under the auspices of the Romanian Export Council, a delegation of businessmen to the Republic of Vietnam and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The delegation led by me included the following:
1. Mihai Andritoiu, Consul, AFPICE Executive President, head of the delegation of businessmen, from the Romanian Export Council;
2. Cristina Andritoiu, AFPICE;
3. Toma Eleonora, Prof. Univ. Doctor in sociology and child psychology, Director of Spiru Haret University;
4. Florin Georgescu – Administrator of Aegean Oil, one of the best Romanian specialists in oil and gas, ex. Texaco, e.g. ARAMCO;
5. Florin Radulescu – Administrator of AVI Compact, the largest Daikin distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, residential, tertiary and industrial air conditioning;
6. Catalin Marinescu – Administrator and General Director of Top Wood;
7. Marian Cuzdrioreanu – President of ROFISH Romania – Romanian Association of fish producers, processors, exporters and importers;
8. Ghita Catalin Alexandru – ROFISH Canada;
9. Simona Chirescu – Art Group SRL – constructions and interior decorations;
10. Dragos Diojdescu – event organizer;
11. Florentina Cauc – Ayilex Group – food products;
12. Constantin Petroiu – Director General of Romfarmachim;
13. Liviu Rusu – MGT Business – investor in Cambodia;
14. Ivona Patzaichin Rusu – Investor in Cambodia;

This delegation was the fourth one organized in 2022, under the auspices of the Export Council, after Portugal (10 participants), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina (12 participants), and France (7 participants).
In total, 33 delegates participated in the 4 delegations.

I mention that all these delegations were carried out with own funds, without support from the State Budget.

Alongside us, with permanent support, the Romanian parliamentary delegation also participated:
1. Deputy Eugen Neata – President of the Romania-Vietnam friendship parliamentary group and member of the Romania-Cambodia friendship parliamentary group;
2. Deputy Nicu Nita – President of the parliamentary friendship group Romania-Cambodia;
3. Deputy Rujan Dumitru – Vice-president of the parliamentary friendship group Romania-Vietnam
4. Parliamentary adviser (ex. Deputy) Simion Lucian;

13.10.2022 – Ho Chi Minh City

Meeting and exposition of the economic situation and opportunities in Vietnam, with Vlad Savin – board member EUROCHAM – Chamber of Commerce of the European Union, Vietnam branch. Mister. Savin is also Vice President of the Vietnam Branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Central and Eastern Europe. The Romanian Embassy also participated in this meeting through Consul Bogdan Stefan;

14.10.2022 – seminar and B2B with Vietrade

equivalent to the Romanian Export Council. The seminar was organized at the Sofitel Hotel by AFPICE, Vietrade and the Consulate General of Romania in Vietnam. The Romanian Embassy also participated in the Seminar through Consul Bogdan Stefan;

ROFISH Association

In parallel with these activities organized in Ho Chi Minh City, the ROFISH Association had its own program, organized by the Romanian Embassy and AFPICE, with visits to 8 shrimp, fish and seafood farms in the Mekong River Delta;

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